I hope you don't mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life is while you're in the world...

I know I said I would blog more this week, however, I have a problem... At the place (our wonderful home for a week) there's no wifi. And since I hate bloging from the phone I haven't really been blogiong at all. Yesterday was wonderful, went to Magic Kingdom (Disney world), today is a shopping/chillin' day and I'm at Starbucks using their free internet. Tomorrow we're heading to universal, and on thursday it's time for sea world, and then it's gonna be a day of straight up relaxing! Yeah! Sound awesome? Well, that because it is..

I know I kinda suck at this now adays.. sorry about that, I'll try harder.

So my parents came to nyc to visit me, which was awesome. Now me and Victoria are waiting for them to arrive in Orlando were we are spening our break. Can y'all say awesome?!  I must say I pretty much freakin' love it.. However, I really will miss our bar, our bartenders and well, kinda gonna miss nyc too. I'm really gonna try my best to keep y'all updated while I'm in Orlando, which might be hard but I'll try my best.

So far we have had food at chili's, we are sippin' out pumpkin spice latte from starbucks and last we've been and are gonna have to wait here a while. We are at the moment at the airport, by all the hotels, there are plam trees and a fountian in the middle of everything. Life is lookin' better already ;)

at gucci sippin' champagne just another thursday in new york city ;)

So yesterday was fashion's night out, pretty awesome. Walking around the stores on 5th ave. sippin' champagne at the various stores. Yeah, pretty sweet life wouldn't you say? Sadly enough no pics, and the one pic that Victoria took is never to be posted, hahha.. I wish everyday would be fashion night out, that would make life just a little more awesome.

Still in love with Shane Dawson, and somehow I feel like making a movie.. Don't really know about what, who (probably just my life).. but I don't know. If you have any suggestions, plz leave a comment!

Cuz you're falling for a douche bag, baby. You're falling for a douche bag, douche ba-ag... Yeah... He said excuse for a man, who gets his tan from a can?

So for all of you who already know me I've been obsessed with Shane Dawson for the last week/days.. Beyond in love with my own Duchebag! Hahaha, he's so freakin' cute, and I've been obsessed with watching all of his clips on youtube, I've seen them over and over again. Shane Dawson, you win my heart every time! Look at him, how could you not love him??! He's perfect, just so you know.

du är en blick, och den är mörk och den är varm...

Okay, so I was kinda bored yesterday and since I'm still sick I had nothing to do. I ended up watching Björn Gustafsson pretty much all night. This boy is makes me happy! Now I'm gonna get ready to head to Queens for some shopping, what are y'all doing today?!

time for some long lost pll, and no more sleep hahah..

I passed out watching it the first time, mut now I'm well rested and feel pretty good. How about you?! How are all of you out there doing? I'm gonna continue my PLL and then maybe some other series, and what comes after that is a good question!

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