insomnia is my friends, my misery and most of the time my everyday life...

the one that turned you gay, I love you Shane Dawson

I'm here all the time, I won't go away, it's me, yeah I can't get myself to go away, it's me, yeah I can't get myself to go away, oh God I shouldn't feel this way!

Something underneath you loose smile and decieving intentions.

So I'm stumbling through this hollow room for peace of mind, I find that I am going over everything I've said to you, for you, insomnia my friend.

Okay, so I finally watched the new episode of One Tree Hill, one of my many obsessions, and who is back??! The wonderful Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton). I don't know what it is with that kid, well.. I do know.. but he jusst gets my heartbeat runnin' around! DAMN! Alright, I'm about to head out enjoy this wonderful pic of Tyler Hilton & Lee Norris.

Between who you are and who you could be, between how it is and how it should be, I dare you to move, I dare you to move, I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor..

Mornign folks, I'm gonna try and be better with the whole bloging thing, it's just that.. well.. First off, I just wanna say, I want a shirt like this one, if anyone know where I could get one let me know! I don't have to much time for stuff anymore. I'm always on the run, either to or from school, or I'm in school. Or, as of two weeks ago I'm at my internship. So yeah.. But I will try.. So a couple of days ago I went to see the screening of Coffin (what, an amazing movie) I'm so proud to say that I know Derik Wingo, and I'm very happy even got the chance to see the movie. After the movie, we (me and Vicky) had a few drinks, met up with Sam & Aaron at another bar, and continued drinking *yay*.. wich led to a bitch hangover ysterday..

Alright that was pretty much the most fun I've had in a while since, well I don't the last time I was up after 12, and yes, that in PATHETIC! I do agree.. well, well, well.. another day will come. Now I need to head out, get some shoes, and maybe shop some..

You're my soul and my inspiration.

Hit me out of nowhere like a car crash on the street, suddenly colliding into me, now I'm broken, bruised and beat up. Tangled in my sheets, how can this feel so bad when you seemed so good for me?


Boy you got my heartbeat runnin' away, beating like a drum and it's coming your way, can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass...

Get crazy get wild, let's party get loud, if you wanna have fun and do something crazy...

happy ever after, happiness and laughter, what a natural disaster!

Whatever you do, don't be afraid of the dark

good morning, it's gonna be a good year..

Alright, my comming back to the city doesn't feel as awesome as one would think. However, I am determened to make this a good year, with lots of fun, and all my wonderful friends.

new year, new york, new, new, new.. and still it's all the same..

So new years I was so cold, drunk and tired that I fell asleep around 1ish.. woke up at 4 and left for Jennifers house around 7. Hahaha.. woke up again at 12 orderd pizza and then left with Jennifer to go back to my place. Said goodbye to my dad, then said goodbye to Jennifer. Made cookies and marsipan things with my mother went to sleep. Woke up super early to go to the stupid airport, said goodbye to my mom, and took off for New York.

Now I'm back in the city, which sure I love and stuff. It's just that I kinda miss being at home, miss the people, miss everything about it. Don't know how to feel in the city.. feels, wierd, good and bad to be back.

New York, I love you.. but damn I wanna be back in Sweden.

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