Shout out to Reese Witherspoon!

Who looked so stunning at the Oscars yesterday, I love her!

somewhere over the rainbow, ugh, how annoying..

Alright to sum up my day, a headache to kill for.. Then after a long day of doing, as much as nothing, I spent the night watching the Oscars. I must say that even though the show had the hot host James Franco, and other semi/very wonderful people on stage and off. The thing in it's hole was pretty blah..

So the funniest thing did however happen. You all guessed right, Christian Bale.. This man, haha, he was gonna get laid tonight, however, I doubt tha he will after the accident. So what did happen, for all of you who didn't see this mistake of the year. Dear Christian forgot his wifes name when he was about to say thank you to her on stage. What a gentelman, right?

The best woman & man of the year went to the right people, Natalie Portman & Colin Firth, two of my personal favorites! Natalie was glowing like always, picking such a beatiful dress, showing off her tummy to the world. She's truely having a great year! Movies, an Oscar & a kid, what a year for this stunning woman! And to end the night with a picture of Colin and his girl, and of course I have the song "somewhere over the rainbow" stuck on my head, oh how annoying, to say the least... This beautiful couple, and the Oscar of course went to Colin, such a wonderful man! I do have a little crush on him.

Supernatural - S06E15 - The French Mistake

One of the best episodes ever!

I am number four - Alex Pettyfer

Saw this movie, oh it's soo freakin' good, can't wait for the next one to come out!

I love you baby and if it’s quite all right, I need you baby to warm my lonely night, I love you baby trust in me when I say...

It's kind of a funny story

Just saw the movie It's kind of a funny story, such a good movie. When I saw the trailer for this movie I didn't think it was gonna be anything like it was, it was just soo amazing. With humor, sadness, happy endings and love. Just what you need on a everyday day hehe..

Alex O'Loughlin - Hawaii five 0

Why would you not wanna watch this wonderful man, in a very good series?

Because I watched all day, the "Neverending Story" with Atreyu..

Spring is comming, I need new things, white converse and jewlery.. Listening to Rooney, and music I used to listen to once upon a time. Life is getting better, spring is almost here, with 30 degrees and snow melting away it's all getting better. Oh how I love springtime, summertime is even better, but spring is halfway there! And oh so soon my lovely Victoria will be in the city with me.

Anton in town, and Buffy the vampire slayer!

Oh how I love Angel/David B.

Sweet - 甘い

10 things I hate about you

Chasity: I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?
Bianca: I think you can in Europe.

Come pick me up, take me out, fuck me up. Steal my records, screw all my friends, they're all full of shit...

...With a smile on your face
And then do it again
I wish you would

These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

Saw these beautiful shoes on Aldo, oh how I want them, I love them, I wish I had the money to buy them.. Well, who said life was easy??! Look how beautiful they are, I just love them!

and then, and then, and then...

What else is there to do? Watching dude where's my car, two and a half men and sleeping today.. I must say, it's pretty awesome. Oh yeah, and I did to my homework as well hehe. However, I do feel that maybe I should do something more priductive, I just don't feel like it. Tomorrow I'm number four premiers, that mean movie with Ruket (if she answers??) and then during the weekend it's shopping with Anton who's on his way to nyc. Now more two and a half men!

oh so simple, but oh so true.


I'm a girl
I push doors that clearly say PULL
I laugh harder when I try to explain why I'm laughing.
I walk into a room and forget why I was there
I count on my fingers in math class
I try to accomplish things with time still on the microwave
I lie sometimes to hide the pain
I say its a long story when it's really not
I fall in love too hard too fast, and I won't tell him, ever!

1, 2, 3, 4 tell me that you love me more

Sleepless long nights, that is what my youth was for
Old teenage hopes are alive at your door
Left you with nothing but they want some more

Oh, you're changing your heart. Oh, You know who you are
Sweetheart bitterheart now I can't tell you apart
Cosy and cold, put the horse before the cart

Those teenage hopes who have tears in their eyes
Too scared to own up to one little lie

Oh, you're changing your heart. Oh, you know who you are
One, two, three, four, five, six, nine, or ten
Money can't buy you back the love that you had then
One, two, three, four, five, six, nine, or ten
Money can't buy you back the love that you had then

Oh, you're changing your heart. Oh, you know who you are
Oh, you're changing your heart. Oh, you know who you are
Oh, who you are

For the teenage boys, they're breaking your heart
For the teenage boys, they're breaking your heart

Happy? Valentines, eller nått i den stilen

Valentines isn't really my scene, there's 365 day everyday, so why pick Feb. 14th to show your love? And no it's not because I'm singel, 'cause even if I did have someone, I would still wanna end the day watching some retarded movie and fall asleep.. haha. Well, well.. for all of you out there still thinking Valentines is a big romantic day spend it with the one you love, tell them that you wouldn't be anything without then, and next year you can tell your new boyfriend/girlfriend the same thing.

For my dad; Happy birthday, I love you! Megajätteübergrattis hoppas din dag blir bäst, jag älskar dig, förevigt och föralltid.

To every kid who never had a date to no school dance, this is for you, To every one who's ever been called a freak!

I miss Jennifer, I miss us.. Watching Dude where's my car (love this movie) wanna do my sweet tattoo hehe. This movie is so freakin good, can't believe it's soo old, but it's soo freakin good it's not a joke.

Btw. Jennifer, näru kommer till NYC borde vi fixa sweet & dude tats' <3

At the mall is where i wanna be, a place where they have everything i need. I love way their fountains always pour, and the way that they get trees to grow indoors. At the mall, at the mall (ah-ooh, ah-ooh)..

"and by happy you mean gay".. hihi

Won't tell anybody how you turn my world around, I won't tell anyone how your voice is my favourite sound..

Saw the new skins episode, somehow it's kinda growing on me heh. I used to hate Mini, now, not so much. I really like the Mini episode, it just gave me some hope for this season! Like, like, like..

No strings attached

That I keep on closing, you cut me open and I
Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love

Saw this wonderful movie with Ruket today, first we went to chevey's (spelling??) haha.. Then this awesome freakin movie, and then we ended the night with some shopping at forever21. I got a supercute dress, so comfy and hot at the same time, it's a win win.

I can't wait to fall in love with you, you can't wait to fall in love with me. This just can't be summer love you'll see.

I want summer right now, oh how I want summer.


Varfor ska allt vara sa otroligt komplicerat?

Persian is a gorgeous language

I was reading one of my best friends blogs, you all know who, Jennifer! One of her tattoo ideas is Take me as I am, in one language or another, I think she should do it in persian! I want something in persian, I wish I could speak persian, it's such a gorgeous language.

اجازه دهید در آفتاب - Let the sunshine in

change of mind, change of heart!

I want the test to say "Glimpse beyond this illusion".. Don't know where I want it, or if I want it in black or gray, but I know I want those words!

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces

I want a new tattoo, thinking "here comes the sun" on my wrist, in white ink. What do you think?! Not sure though, but I think I might. Wonderful picture found here, and I really want that tattoo, now!

Take me to your heart, feel me in your bones. Just one more night, and I'm comin' off this long and winding road.

One of my favorite sites:

Sent a letter on a long summer day, made of silver, not of clay. I've been runnin' down this dusty road...

...Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin' I don't know where I'll be tomorrow. Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'. Oh how I wish it was summer right about now. I want summer, I want starbucks, strawberries etc. Love this collage, I found the picture here. Summer is the best, it's hot and wonderful!

You know that I've seen, too many romantic dreams, up in lights, fallin' off the silver screen.

Sleepin' all day + listening to Mötley Crüe. I've been as good as dead, ugh.. way to tired for life. I wanna fix my nails, just put on a new layer of paint, however, I can't seem to find the decorations I want! Life is tuff when you're sick. Now I'm gonna drink my tea and try to find the other things, btw I love Audrey Kitching.

skins, other series, and other things..

Watching Skins, picture, the new season aka. season 5 is very diferent from the rest of the seasons. I don't know if I like it yet, I don't know if it's just wierd or good..

Whatever, today is a very non-productive day. I've been reading Jennifer and other people's blogs remembering another area of my life. Well, well.. Back to skins and other series, and let the day pass..

I'll keep you my dirty little secret.

You are the music in me. You know the words "Once Upon A Time", make you listen. There's a reason.

When you dream there's a chance you'll find, a little laughter or a happy ever after
Your harmony to the melody, it's echoing inside my head

A single voice (Single voice) above the noise
And like a common thread. Hmm, you're pulling me

When I hear my favorite song, I know that we belong
Oh, you are the music in me, yeah it's living in all of us
And it's brought us here because.. Because you are the music in me

People say that your dreams are the only things that save ya. Come on baby in our dreams, we can live on misbehavior.

Well guess what, I don't wanna care.

need to buy cough drops & headphones so I can survive the day!

Since yesterday didn't go according to plan and I need to redo all my effin' assignments that I spent over two hours on the last time, I must say I'm pretty pissed off. Now, yesterday I made is semi-better by shopping at h&m, bought a black tank and a nirvana shirt! Like! Who knew that h&m would step it up?! Def. not me.

Well hopefully this day will get better, cuz if it dosen't I'm gonna get pissed all over again, and let's face it.. That's just not fun for anyone. The only good thing about yesterday was the smile, and that my test went as I thought it would, cuz I'm freakin' awesome..

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