Jason Segel, what a man, and yeah.. I met him!

So on Jennifer's birthday two days ago, I wasn't able t be home (back in Sweden) which sucked. However, my day did become way better since I FINALLY got to meet the wonderful Jason Segel, I couldn't believe it even as I was standing right next to him taking the picture, he's such a nice guy, I'm so freakin' in love with the kid it's not even funny. But yeah, that was awesome, and next week is gonna be awesome as well, you know why?? Hahah.. I won't tell yah until next week, if everything goes acording to plan. I'll leave you with the pic of me and Jason, feel the love, be happy!

such a cute couple, don't you agree, hahahaha..
Anna Wall <3 Jason Segel

Postat av: meridiana

AHHAHAGAGAH! awesome. <3

2011-11-23 @ 22:31:21
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