Breaking Dawn, part 1

So I went to see Breaking Dawn part 1.. The movie was kinda good, kinda bad, and complete with Edward & Jacob drama. I must say, Rpatz is so much hotter irl, and the opening scene (when Tay-Tay takes off his shirt, YUM!). So other from hot people, and me getting irritated by Kristin's horrible acting, it was a pretty ok movie. I mean the books are so beyond awesome, they can't be compared to the movies, but still.. and what was up with the stupid animated shizzle??! hahah.. Yeah, can't believe how horrible that was.. Well, well.. all, and all pretty ok movie. And let's face it with both Rpatz and Tay-Tay what could be wrong?!

Postat av: Palmira

My thoughts on the movie: Everything was beautiful - everyting got miserable - everything got insanely disgusting. The end.

2011-12-01 @ 14:05:10

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