Awkward, Beau Mirchoff, freakin' amazing!

So, I've been watching the first season of mtv's series Awkward, and I must say it's pretty freakin' amazing. First of Beau Mirchoff (who btw is beyond hot) is no longer missing in action. And for my fellow OTH lovers out there, remeber Samantha? Yep.. Ashley Rickards is also back! It's an amazing series at least the first season was amazing. Kinda sad end though *spoiler alert*.. Why did she end up with Jake, don't get me wrong Jake is cute and all, and a really nice guy. But Matty was about to ask her the corny way, was about the be what she wanted, and let's face it Matty is so much hotter!

What's the series about then? It's about Jenna Hamilton, a nerd who never fit in, she gets a letter from "A Friend", that tells her that she's a loser. However, as her voice over tells us in the first episode, this is not a story about how she got knocked up the last day of camp. Haha, but it's about how she falls in love with Matty McKibben, who wants to keep her a secret, why? Well.. She's kinda, odd. So the story goes, she's falling for the hot and wonderful Matty, who is working on his own problems to find the curage and make it official. Jenna's best friends are somewhat annoying, but in the charming and fun way. And then we have Jake Rosati, Jake is the cute guy who's dating the "enemy", not the horrific bitch Sadie Saxton, nope, her entourage. Things happen, Jake falls for Jenna, and as you already know from my spoiler she likes him too. They kiss, Jake breaks up with what's her face and Jenna & Matty are still a secret. So after all this, Jenna's "aunt" comes to town, messed up party in the house, Jenna get wasted, tells Jake that he's stupid, tells Matty that he's a jerk and makes out with her best friends boy, not ok. Then some stuff happenes, her and her freind become bff's again, and it's all good up until the last episode... She breaks up with Matty (stupid), goes out with Jake, goes to prom, don't become princess because the super cute gay guy won the honor. And she doesn't sleep with Jake (her date) and the alarm goes off, she finds her mothers paper and realize that the thing that triggered her to mess up in the beginging, yeah.. it's her mothers fault.

I think you're all caught up, if you decide to watch it (which I think you sould).. That have fun, because it's awesome, and if you don't.. then, it's your loss.


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