new year, new york, new, new, new.. and still it's all the same..

So new years I was so cold, drunk and tired that I fell asleep around 1ish.. woke up at 4 and left for Jennifers house around 7. Hahaha.. woke up again at 12 orderd pizza and then left with Jennifer to go back to my place. Said goodbye to my dad, then said goodbye to Jennifer. Made cookies and marsipan things with my mother went to sleep. Woke up super early to go to the stupid airport, said goodbye to my mom, and took off for New York.

Now I'm back in the city, which sure I love and stuff. It's just that I kinda miss being at home, miss the people, miss everything about it. Don't know how to feel in the city.. feels, wierd, good and bad to be back.

New York, I love you.. but damn I wanna be back in Sweden.


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