Day 5 - A photo of a celebrity whos hair you would like to have.

Day 4 - A photo of your favorite rapper.

Day 3 - A photo of the celebrity you would go gay for.

Day 2 - A photo of the celebrity you would marry if given the chance.

Day 1 - A photo of your favorite band.

Photo Challenge..

Jag har gjort de på min tumblr så jag tänkte, kan väl börja och göra de här också, fast med andra bilder på samma människor.

my not so new obsession..

So yeah.. My not so secret obsession lately has been Degrassi: The Next Generation.. And as everyone knows I'm obsessed with Drake aka. Jimmy.. But he's not the only Degrassi man I'm somewhat fascinated with, there is also this guy Raymond/Ray Ablack. He plays Sav in the series and he devlopes from a nerd who has never even spoken to girls, into stud and amazing hotness! He's the second man I would choose in a Degrassi pick, because let's face the fact, no one will ever be Aubrey 'Drake' Graham.

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