If nothing else it is a movement of the mind.

Alright so I've been doing to much and too little.. Haahahaha.. I've been hanging outside letterman, as always, and I've been studying, which pretty much never happens. But hey you gotta start somewhere right?! Yesterday was a good day, got to meet Nikki Reed (she's so adorable) and I also got the pleasure of meeting Nate Mendel (Foo Fighters). So yeah.. I'm still looking forward to going back to Sweden in December, proabably more now than ever. Oh and a few days ago, me and my freind Daniela went to the shoot of Gossip Girl, got to see Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley (YUM!) hahahaha.. Hmm... what else? Hopefully I get to see Jason Segel either Saturday or Monday.. I couldn't see him this monday since I didn't wanna miss another Business Law class. Well pictures of my "non-existing" life will be up soon, promice. So for now I'll say good bye, and see y'all soon!


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